Stevie Pagano


How was that made or how did they do that?
These questions have led me through the world of art from a young child,
carving all the bars of soap in our household, to a career as a production artist for the film and entertainment industries.

I started out doing commercials, sculpting, painting, model building, costuming, every day was different.

In the late 90`s I moved to Portland Oregon, and began working at Will Vinton Studios, building sets and props. This is where I was introduced to their character fabrication departmnt and learned to set armatures for animateable puppets and how to run and seam the foam bodys. I stayed on at WVS, for several projects up until the studio was sold.

I am grateful to have been a part of so many phases of the film making process. From leading my team of mold makes and casters in pre production, to working side by side with an amazing group of artists during production and filming. This wonderful experience has helped make me into the artist I am today.

I have enjoyed creating characters, pros and sets for clients including, Paramount Pictures, Cirque du Soleil, the Walt Disney Company, Kellogg’s, Sprint, Nickelodeon and Wynn Casinos.

Other interests and skills include photography, graphic design, composite art, costuming, jewelry and leather work.

In 2010 I started sculpting on glassware and writing lore.
I opened The Elstwhen Shoppe online in 2011.

Elstwhen can be found on Etsy


  • Design
  • Sculptue
  • Paint
  • Detail & Distressing
  • Model Making
  • Character Fabrication
  • Costuming
  • Set Dressing & Fabrication
  • Props
  • Art Production